Anger Management & Learning Challenges:

Dr. Perna is a licensed psychologist who primarily treats patients who suffer from anger disorders and learning challenges. His approach to anger management  is guided by an appreciation of how his patients’ learning challenges intersect with a variety of perceived or actual environmental stressors.

Anger is one

of the most

misunderstood emotions

Academic Appointment:

Dr. Perna maintains an academic appointment at Harvard Medical School and is a Clinical Associate at McLean Hospital, the medical school’s largest psychiatric teaching facility. He is the former Director of the Child/Adolescent Anger Management Program at McLean Hospital where he worked with children/adolescents  in a variety of clinical settings (outpatient and  inpatient units as well as an acute residential treatment program).

The majority of clinicians do not understand how to help their patients work through their anger and consequently blame them for their anger rather than helping them and their family seek out healthier solutions. They simply do not have the training or background experience needed to work with these complex cases.

Office Locations:

At this time Dr. Perna primarily treats patients (Children, adolescents, and adults) in his private practice. He has two offices which are located in Newton and Lexington, Massachusetts.

Challenging Populations:

Dr. Perna has always worked with challenging populations. Over the years he has worked with street kids, incarcerated teens, adult criminals, and serious substance abusers in a variety of settings from the streets of Tacoma, Washington and a California Prison, to a variety of schools, outpatient clinics, and teaching hospital settings in the Boston metropolitan area.  

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