Individual Therapy:

Individual therapy is critical to the treatment of patients with anger issues and co-occurring learning challenges. Dr. Perna generally meets with his patients one time each week unless they are also in a group with him. He feels that more frequent meetings are not needed in that it is critical for the patients to practice their skills in the real-world in-between sessions.


Dr. Perna sees the individual therapy as a time to work on issues that the patient is not interested in sharing in family therapy sessions or too confusing for the patient to articulate to his/her significant others.


Dr. Perna’s approach to the treatment is  interactive and educational. He does not sit back and silently shake his head but instead engages his patients in a dialogue where they feel that their feedback and input is critical.

Limit Setting:

In situations where limitations need to be set Dr. Perna is clear about the limitations and why they need to be in place.

Treatment Resistance:

Dr. Perna is very comfortable treating patients who are deemed to be “treatment resistant” or “treatment failures.” He never sees patients who present to his practice through this lens, but instead is skilled in seeing the best in what his patients and their families bring into the treatment.

Licensed Psychologist

 Clinical Instructor       

Harvard Medical School

David A. Perna, PhD